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Logscan Plus Demonstration


Below is a collection showing some of the main parts in Logscan Plus. There's too many features in Logscan Plus to show all of them here, but we hope you'll understand the basics after viewing these presentations.

Requirements to view:
  * Macromedia Flash© 6 viewer installed
  * A broadband connection is highly recommended to properly view the demos

Note: if any buttons or movies are inoperative please download the latest Flash Player here:

Logscan Plus Demonstrations:    
Configuration & Driver Addition

or Click Here
Set up your company and driver rules and place drivers into the system
Scanning Logs into the System

or Click Here

Scan your drivers logs into the system and automatically process them with a click of a button
Checking for Violations on Logs

or Click Here
Check logs that have just been processed into the system to verify possible violations
Checking Falsification on Logs

or Click Here
Compare various documents against drivers logs to verify they have not been falsified
Requesting Reports in System

or Click Here
A large array of reports you can use to request management information about your drivers




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